Turret DVK-30


The Turret DVK-30 is designed for up-grading tracked and wheeled combat vehicles of ICV and ICFV type (BMP-1, BTR-70, BTR-80, OT-64 etc...)

It is equipped with devices which correspond to contemporaneous combat requirements for troops and crew protection, for reliable and accurate gun laying in any weather conditions within temperature range from -30oC up to +50oC, day and night, while the vehicle is moving. Guns are externally mounted on the turret and enable firing within limits of traverse of 360o and elevation from -4o to + 50o

Technical description

The Turret DVK-30 is a modular one-man turret which consists of a weldment with external mounted weapons. The turret combat compartment accommodates complete electric equipment for laying and control functions of weapons, ammo magazines and a gunner’s seat. Weapons and turret laying is done by means of drive units with a manual duplicity.

For its high effectiveness, good ballistic protection, modular concept and low weight Turret DVK-30 represents optimum choice for armed forces worldwide.