Technologies for the complete production of barrels

The company is equipped with technologies for complete production of barrels, up to testing and trials of final products.

Civilian production

Turning, Deep-hole drilling, Grinding, Honing, Milling, Welding, Cold forming, Heat treatmend and coat services, Painting, Locksmithing and 3D mearuring

Turret DVK-30

The Turret DVK-30 is designed for up-grading tracked and wheeled combat vehicles of ICV and ICFV type (BMP-1, BTR-70, BTR-80, OT-64 etc...)

Civilian production

ZTS-SPECIAL offers a production of functional samples, prototypes, piece and small-series production. Further, we can offer cooperation in the field of mechanical machining of materials while utilizing below mentioned machines

Special production

ZTS-SPECIAL, a.s. has more than 70-year tradition of the tube artillery production. Its product line includes the production of barrels and guns in caliber range from 30 mm up to 155 mm.



Job offer

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