30 mm automatic gun 2A42 / GTS-30

30 mm Automatic Gun 2A42

    The 30mm automatic gun is designed for firing at light armored targets within
    a distance up to 1500 m, non-armored targets within a distance up to 4000 m
    and also at low-flying subsonic air targets up to 2000 m within a slant
    distance of 2500m. The gun can be fired in single shots or in burst
    (low or high rate of fire). It offers reliable functioning under severe conditions,
    such as temperature range from +50°C up to -50°C, in rain, dust, frost and
    in very dry environment.

Standard identification of 30mm automatic gun is 2A42.


30 mm Automatic Gun GTS-30

   New design of muzzle brake allows firing in addition to standard
   30x165 ammunition (AP, HE, HEI) also APFSDS-T ammunition.
   Tightening the tolerances in selected parts caused a reduction
   in the dispersion of fire in the lateral direction.