125 mm tank gun 2A46 / GTS-125 for T-72

125 mm tank gun 2A46

Modernized 125 mm tank gun GTS-125

Design modifications enabled to increase the first round hit probability as well as stability of parameters especially while firing on the move. While firing APFSDS ammunition at the distance of 2,000 m the „δ y“ deviation is reduced by 4-times.
Increased volume of the fume extractor provides increased comfort for the crew.

Technical data of GTS-125:

Caliber 125 mm
Rate of fire 6-8 rounds per minute
Max. range of fire   - HE 10,000 m
Initial velocity 
- HE

1,800 m/s
905 m/s
850 m/s
Length 6,350 mm
Weight 2,500 kg