Shareholder's structure

Ministry of Defence of the Slovak republic

Joint-stock company

Date of establishment: 09.01.1998
Date of registration: 10.02.1998
Registration: Companies register at District Court Trencin, Section: Sa, Insert No. 10089/R

Board of directors

Chairman of the board: Ing. Miroslav Sim

Supervisory board:

Chairman of the board: PhDr. Mgr. Matúš Machan
Member of the board: Ing. Martin Jurikovič
Member of the board: Ing. Miroslav Bašnár

Main scope of business:
  • production, upgrading and repair of military technique
  • production of machines and devices for civilian industry
  • manufacture of machinery and equipment with mechanical drive
  • cold forming
  • manufacture of bag making, saddler’s goods and other products from leather and similar materials
  • development, production, repairs, modifications, sales, lending and disposal of weapons (defence equipment)
  • designing in the field of mechanical engineering
  • engineering activities ( technological and technical set-ups)
  • machine and instrument rental services
  • storage
  • R&D in the field of technical science
  • purchase and sales of machine tools
  • dimensional inspections of mechanical engineering products
  • repair of electrical parts of machine tools and equipment
  • purchase of goods for sale to other trades
  • lease, including leasing of residential and non-residential premises and the provision of supplementary services
  • rental of consumption and industrial goods
  • publishing and distribution activities within free trade
  • sales for direct consumption of heat-treated meat products and the usual side dishes as well as the vegetarian meals
  • marketing activities
  • non-archival document storage
  • trading activities in the field of defence material within a scope determined by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak republic, No.: P006/2018-1050 from 20.02.2018